Testing Ground

The Great Medical Disaster, 26 – 27 January 2018
Jessica Bewell, Rosie Burslem, Aoife Devlin, Mel Galley, Charlotte Harmsworth, Jasmine Jones, Rowan Jones, Saoirse Lewis, Martha Shaw, Gemma Spall, Eye Suriyanon, Katie Tomlinson, Aimee Woodcock

As part of Manchester School of Art’s Conversations in Curation project, independent curator and art critic Tom Emery has selected students from second and third year Fine Art to exhibit in Testing Ground at The Great Medical Disaster (supported by Castlefield Gallery New Art Spaces).

The art school experience revolves around testing and developing ideas, with the university functioning almost as a laboratory; a safe, sealed environment in which to experiment, with support and resources readily available. Testing Ground will remove the exhibiting artists from this environment, providing the opportunity to see how their ideas will function in public and amongst the work of other artists in the roughly-hewn space of The Great Medical Disaster.

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Exhibition handout